what was I thinking?



3 thoughts on “what was I thinking?

  1. So true. I miss my childhood where things were simple and I really didn’t have a care in the world. Nevertheless, the freedom adulthood brings is something irreplaceable and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.
    I’m stuck working too due to bills, etc. I haven’t had a proper holidays in three years. But we’ll both get by and eventually get what we deserve. A sweet, blissful holiday full of everything peaceful, no worrying allowed.

  2. I sometimes miss my childhood but I also don’t. My parents gave me a wonderful childhood but a lot of things happened, both medical and school – related that have left me with the painful marks of memories. Now, as i approach my twenties, I’m finally free to put it all behind me. I can blossom into the person i want to be rather than be beaten down into someone I’m not. My first year of college really taught me that and although the future can look frightening, I’m excited to travel towards it. I hope times improve for you and one day you can get the break you deserve.

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