chronic. am I that bad?



5 thoughts on “chronic. am I that bad?

  1. ‘Chronic’ is a harsh-sounding word with a specific intesifying meaning in a clinical setting. It’s not a judgment, and you mustn’t take it as such. It’s a way of indicating that the person about whom it is used needs help and that her anxiety and concerns should not be dismissed. It certainly doesn’t mean that you’re beyond help, and it definitely doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Every seemingly or ultimately successful person will have failed somewhere along the line, often many times. Those are the bits which are usually edited out of the story. So don’t give up on your dreams, whatever they are, because there is almost certainly more than one way to achieve them.

  2. Failing doesn’t feel good, but in the long term is what makes us feel even better after insisting on something and achieving our goals.
    Don’t label yourself, people are more than a label and you are more than “chronic”, but if you insist on using this word to describe yourself, I’ll join by saying that you are a chronic beautiful, chronic clever, chronic inspiring, chronic hardworking, and chronic enchanting person.

  3. Chronic just means it has been happening for a long time. It doesn’t mean that it will continue forever. You are stronger than you think. So many people are pulling for you 🙂

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