the foolish father

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


2 thoughts on “the foolish father

  1. Oh wow. OH WOW.

    As a fellow bookseller, I have also had the father of a young girl call LITTLE WOMEN (and THE SECRET GARDEN and A LITTLE PRINCESS and several other classics of children’s literature) “feminist” with disgust, and then say he wants her to read some other “better” male author first. : / What do you say in that situation? How do convey some sympathy to the daughter without him noticing? I feel so responsible in those moments, like I am the only one who can give her hope.

    I am really sorry you had to deal with this tosser, Choncey. ♥

  2. Uneducated parents who pretend to be educated… ugh, I think he’s not so anti-feminism but more of an anti open mindness, anti free thinking… what a surprise will he have if he’ll understand Animal Farm, what a shock when he learns that it is not about cute little lambs and horses and disney -ish fantasy. That will serve him right, but I guess he won’t learn the lesson, seems like he’s not smart enough to understand the basics.

    Still it is not the worse thing I’ve ever read or listened… once I was in a bookstore and a man behind me asked the bookseller if he had “green books” the bookseller asked about what the man meant: “you mean vegetarian kitchen books? garden books? XIX century naturalism?” the answer was “No no don’t care what they are about as long as they are green, see, we’ve painted the living room and we’re now decorating…” I stopped listening, rolled my eyes…. and the bookselled did the same.

    idiots, idiots everywhere dear Choncey :S

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