mental illnesses aren’t contagious




6 thoughts on “mental illnesses aren’t contagious

    • No, people at the end of the day the opposite effect to me not telling them is that they’d be close to me. If they got close to me they would find out my problems and then leave me.
      I’d rather be left by them before intimacy is established than during – that would be more painful.
      I can’t lie to people, and to not tell them my biggest flaw would be lying about 90% of who I am.

  1. That’s horrible what they did to yoou! I’m not going to say I can’t believe it, because this kind of thing is all too common sometimes 😦 but trust me my love! There are amazing people out there just waiting to be friends with you! You are exactly the kind of crowd I would find myself hanging out with 24/7! 😀 so down to earth! And so wise! You’ll see the benefit of the doubt from a situation like this in the time to come, I know you will 🙂
    P.s. (Refering to one of your really old vlogs) I too expect chess every night at uni🙆let’s see if i can lower my expectations a little before i get there eh? :’) haha

  2. They are all jerks, and I don’t just throw that word around.
    You inspire me, you’ve been through so much and yet you still have survived. I wish I could be your real flesh and blood friend, but I’m across the world from you. I’ve been subscribed to your for almost a year now on Youtube, every new video I see from you I watch immediately. You have so much wisdom within you, those who have turned away from you are fools for doing so and they are missing out from having a wonderful insightful friend.

  3. Such beautiful words. You should write a novel on mental illness, think you’d be very good at it. Unfortunately, I relate to this way too much. But I have a question for you. Do you ever have days when everyone you talk to, seems like they don’t want to talk to you? As if everyone is having a bad day. But it doesn’t feel like a coincidence, so you just blame yourself? Then you feel like everything you say is worthless or annoying and then get into a crippling state of depression. (Currently going through this) Just wondering what you do in that situation and how you pick yourself back up off the ground? At the moment I feel like I can’t talk to anyone because I’m a burden 😦 it sucks so much. Just don’t want to leave the house. Literally feel sick at even picking up a pen to write because my words feel wrong/worthless. Your advice would mean so much to me x

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