beautifully vanilla




4 thoughts on “beautifully vanilla

  1. To be honest, looking at this postcard just breaks my heart. I really look up to you. The day I found your channel, I knew you would be one of my favorites to watch. I have watched almost all of your videos. I am stunned that you do not have that many viewers. Because I actually wait for your new videos. You are very intelligent and a beautiful person inside out. I probably wrote this sentence a lot in the Youtube comments, but I mean it. I can relate to many things you say, I do actually wish we were friends somehow. So if you ever think that no one cares, or you’re insignificant; you’re wrong. I watch your videos and read your posts and I think you’re absolutely brilliant.

  2. Dear Choncey,
    I want you to know that I look forward to every one of your videos and blog posts. You’re the most deep thinking person that I’ve ever seen on youtube. You care about things that truly matter and that inspires me. Your latest video, “Low Self-Esteem and Anxiety” was especially comforting to me because I suffer with those same feelings. No matter what I do, I feel at the same level of insecurity as when I was in grade school. You’re so brave to talk about something so painful and hard for you and for many of us. It’s so difficult to deal with low-self esteem that seems to ripple through your every move and thought but know that I’m really proud of you for continuing to create content on youtube. You do have a voice and a lovely one too. Youtube wouldn’t be the same without you.

  3. Like everyone before me, I must tell you you are noticed! We are interested in you, in your words most of all. We look up to you for your fashion sense, beauty and wisdom and we feel that much better whenever we see that you have come up with a new video or a blog post to share with us. If you are vanilla, you’re the beautiful natural ice cream with those lovely dark specks of real vanilla among the loveliest creamy shades of white. Natural vanilla is delicious every time, and it can surprise, as can you. Just today I was feeling terribly low, falling back into my old rut, depression, anxiety, and I saw your video that was talking about the very issues I have to deal with. It feels like it has brought me back to life: I have the energy to write now. I wish I can give you even a fraction of the happiness your sharing your thoughts has given me and will give me in the future. You are precious, even if you struggle to see that yourself.

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