propter hoc ecce ego scribo



4 thoughts on “propter hoc ecce ego scribo

  1. I think this is a lovely idea, but I wonder if you considered sending the postcards to your readers and followers. There are thousands of people eagerly listening to everything you have to say in those videos, blog posts, tweets, and instagrams, and I think they would care very much if you disappeared. I’m sure they’d love to receive a postcard from you, and most would certainly write you one in return!

  2. I would miss you if you disappeared… and I’m only one of oh so many people
    I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time now (I can’t tell how many years, sorry), and altough I’ve commented in a handful of them only mainly because English isn’t my mother language you always answered, you always had a nice word for me or for my stupid little comment of the day, so yes I notice when you take breaks, I would definitely notice if you decided to leave the… internet? youtube? instagram? I would be sad and I would miss you terribly. I know one day it will happen, it’s only natural, life goes on, we adquire routines, duties, we evolve, we grow up and the older we grow the less time we have to do other than our duty. Until that day comes, I will be with you in a way, watching, listening, reading… whatever you want to share with us. And I hope I will be there when it’s time to wave goodbye… and I know I’m not the only one, we are many people.

  3. I would very much wish to receive your postcards. If you ever consider mailing stuff to strangers, writing a few words that somebody would really appreciate reading and maybe even letting that somebody send you a postcard back thus depositing in your hands her modest proof of existence, I’d be up for that.

  4. I think sending them to your viewers and readers would be a lovely idea. We’d love to hear from you, and value your opinions, thoughts, and words greatly. I love to hear from you, and I’d love to write you back, if you ever give it a thought. Things will get better.

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