smiley faces



5 thoughts on “smiley faces

  1. Helllo Choncey, I sometimes get these feelings of sadness, and they suck, but just to cheer you up, I think your blog is wonderful as is your youtube, they are brilliant! 馃檪

  2. It’s now mid-january and i’m still 0/12,000 words, so don’t feel alone, also spring’s on its way and soon you’ll no longer be able to excuse staying in bed that bit longer due to the coldness of the room, so enjoy the bedroom perspiration while you can 馃檪

      • Thank you, i’m about to start next week, also, looking back on that comment with the perspective of this morning a cold room has nothing to savour and i agree that cloudy warmth is only a small thing to ask for.

  3. I’m actually writing a senior thesis this year, and it’s slow going as well. It seems as though my time researching in the archives turns up new things that need to be addressed. Just know you’re trying your best, and that’s all anyone can ask!

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