the eight year reading list




4 thoughts on “the eight year reading list

  1. I feel super behind too.
    I did not read, nor did I realise the importance of reading more frequently, during my teenage years.
    I regret it hugely now as a gap year student heading for her first year of university this october, from which the number of fiction I will probably be able to read will be near to zilch.
    But I guess I must keep on trying to read despite the late start…. right?

  2. I think I read to my age. I read children’s books constantly as a child, read YA when I hit my teens, and since 7 or 8 read Harry Potter constantly throughout my life. In the last few years, since 18 I think, I’ve been progressively, but slowly, moving into the literary fiction genre. I’m only now realising how many issues lie in YA. I will always love that genre because it kept me reading throughout my teen years, but its representation of life is so far from true and gives people the wrong impressions and expectations. That is my problem with YA. Well one.
    Always late then never to the reading train.

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