I don’t care what you’re reading on



5 thoughts on “I don’t care what you’re reading on

  1. It’s shameful, I know, but I must ask you a question instead of using my comment to express my own opinion.
    A lot of people say that ebooks are the future, and pretty soon print will be barely used. It’ll become something akin to vinyl and VHS (god forbid!). Do you think this’ll happen, and hypothetically, if it did, what would your response to it be?

  2. I actually do think reading in different forms is a different experience. Scrolling, flipping, or pressing a button to get to the next line changes the way we read and, maybe, the way we think about the book were reading. The likelihood of me returning to a ebook that I never finish is far less then returning to a physical book -the physical book just stares at you saying, Read me! While the ebook is long forgotten. The kindle is a great book alternative because it looks much like a real book while reading a full book on the internet or ipad is close to impossible -how can I get deep in to a book with all that light glare?

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  4. Very eloquently said. I don’t personally like reading from them either, but I believe that in the birth of it…it has indeed opened the way for those that didn’t prior have time to read, or were too busy. Now, it’s quickly accessible and lighter than carrying around books. My love for all books is too great for me though, I cannot join the masses….I love the feeling of the pages beneath my fingers and the smell of an old book.

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